Scout's Corner provides fun facts about Magnolia Farm, our horses, farm animals and property.  It will be updated from time to time.  A password is required for this section.  Please scroll to bottom of page for directions on how to get the password.


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Magnolia Farm Property Map

Our map is designed to provide an areal view of Magnolia Farm to give those interested in filming on our property an overview of the layout.  The farm has been used previously as a summer day camp.  The map notes  points of interest and locations related to the camp activities, such as the location of the Art Barn, Archery Range, Playing Field, Carpool drop off and more!  Password Required, scroll down for directions.    See Magnolia Farm Property Map

Meet Our Horses & Farm Animals!

This is a fun interactive for Film Scouts to meet our farm animals!  Information provided includes the names, breeds, and a few fun facts about the animals at Magnolia Farm.  Note: Animal availability is subject to change without notice: please contact us for updated information. Password Required; scroll down for directions.  See Meet Our Horses & Farm Animals!

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