“Variety of activities and encouraged kids to try all. A positive all around experience. This was my children’s second camp experience. They were hesitant about going to camp, but they absolutely LOVED Magnolia Farm! (They) loved the warm country feel; Fantastic, child centered /friendly staff; Beautiful location: farm, nature, animals, produce. Educational: Farm animals, horse vet, farrier, archery, horseback riding, kayaking, arts and crafts, learning new skills; Making friends. Thank you for doing what you do so well!!” ~ Ivona, son B. & daughter A., age 7

Ivona, son B. & daughter A., age 7

”I liked the horses!” A. age 6. “Staffing, they are lovely! (and Magnolia Farm) engage(s) my child in
nature. We love it every year, (second) as he is outside, singing camp songs at night and being a KID!” ~ Andrea & son A., age 6

Andrea & son A., age 6

“I like camp because we get to see bunnies,” L., age 5. “Friendly, small size, variety of activities. L was so excited to come to camp every morning and was so happy (and tired) when he got home. We will be back next year.” ` Meghan & son L., age 5

Meghan & son L., age 5

“S. (age 7) loved it. Very organized. Drop off and pickup were great. We’re really glad we sent S. here.” ~ Damon & son S., age 7

Damon & son S., age 7

“I love Magnolia Farm,” P., age 7. “Very pleased” with the program overall. Magnolia Farm is especially good at “keeping the kids engaged with varied activities. I love hearing the stories at the end of each day of all of P.’s favorite things.” ~ Sally & daughter P., age 7

Sally & daughter P., age 7

Was staff friendly and fun? “Yes, please never fire them!” M., age 8. What did we do especially well? “Gave the kids ample time to play outside. I am thoroughly pleased with how much my child has enjoyed experiencing a horse farm.” ~ Michael & daughter M., age 8

Michael & daughter M., age 8

“T just absolutely loves coming every summer.” ~ Travis & son T., age 9

Travis & son T., age 9

”Great outdoor program! Wonderful way to spend a week! B. (age 5) seemed to love everything!” ~ Parent & son B, age 5

Parent & son B, age 5

“I feel (Magnolia Farm) is awesome,” A., age 11. “Drop off and pick up and animal time. My daughter waited all spring to come to camp. As an older camper she loved being able to help.” ~ Angela & daughter A., age 11

Angela & daughter A., age 11

”I loved it!” K., age 8, returning camper. “Great range of activites. I love this summer camp program for my daughter. It is the one she always asks to go to. Thank you!” ~ Holly & daughter K., age 8

Holly & daughter K., age 8

“Lots of variety of activities. Great opportunity to bring kids back to what matters –having fun. Playing with non-technical things. Loving animals and meeting new friends!” ~ Keera & daughter R., age 5

Keera & daughter R., age 5.

“I feel this is the best camp ever,” S., age 9. “Engaged children in farm activities. My children could not wait to return every day. They said they want to attend every year and become counselors. Thanks for a great week!”  ~ Christine, daughter S., age 9, & son H., age 10

Christine, daughter S., age 9, & son H., age 10

“I’ve already told so many people how awesome Magnolia Farm Day Camp is. It’s the epitome of what you think of when you think of kids’ summer camp!  We loved it and will be back!” Christina , mother of son L. age 5.  L said it was “Perfect.”  He particularly enjoyed horseback riding, all the activities, all animals except the pigs. ~  Christina & son L., age 5


Christina & son L., age 5

“I loved it.  I hope I do it every year!” C., age 8.  “C. came home happy everyday!  [The day camp] is well organized.  Thank you!” Kate, mother of C., age 8.  Some of C’s favorites: everything, making tie- dye shirts, all the animals, horseback riding, playing freeze tag. ~ Kate & daughter C., age 8


Kate & daughter C., age 8

“We love Camp Magnolia.  This is a great part of summer!’ Laura, mother of S., age 9.  “I really enjoyed it.” S.  Some of S’s favorites day camp activities:  all the animals, the horses, all the games, & horseback riding. ~ Laura and daughter S, age 9


Laura and daughter S, age 9.

“I feel this camp was fun!” N., age 6. “This camp is excellent; the horseback riding, archery, canoe, animals were all favorites.” Michelle., mother of N. N also enjoyed going in the creek, the goats, & playing Dragon tails. ~ Michelle & son N., age 6

Michelle & son N., age 6

“My daughter has had the best summer camp and she cannot stop talking about how much fun she has had being able to connect with nature and farm animals. Thanks for an awesome camp!” Nimarta, mother of G., age 8. “I’m very happy I came to this camp. This has been one of my best summer camps ever and I cannot wait to do it all over again next year.” G..  Some of G’s favorites: time in the creek, horseback riding, making bug jars, the chicks and bunnies, & playing Sharks and Minnows.  ~ Nimarta & daughter G., age 8

Nimarta & daughter G., age 8

“I like it so much!” E., age 6.  “Loved seeing E’s smiling face in all the pics on FB.  He was so excited to share what he did at camp each day! Thank you!! Marija, mother of E., age 6.   E’s favorite day camp activities: playing chess, making tie dye t-shirts, the goats, playing soccer, archery, & horseback riding.  He felt the staff and other campers were friendly and fun. ~ Marija, & son E. age 6

Marija & son E. age 6