Michael & daughter M., age 8

Was staff friendly and fun? “Yes, please never fire them!” M., age 8. What did we do especially well? “Gave the kids ample time to play outside. I am thoroughly pleased with how much my child has enjoyed experiencing a … Read More

Ivona, son B. & daughter A., age 7

“Variety of activities and encouraged kids to try all. A positive all around experience. This was my children’s second camp experience. They were hesitant about going to camp, but they absolutely LOVED Magnolia Farm! (They) loved the warm country feel; … Read More


Campers will experience joy, wonder and fun as they explore the barnyard, pastures and stream at Magnolia Farm.  The day has a mix of structured and unstructured time.  Some activities have specific instructors, such as Horseback Riding, Archery, & Kayaking. … Read More

Referral Program

For each NEW camper family that registers for camp by 3/15 per your referral, you will receive a $10 credit off the balance due for tuition for your family for this summer. How it works: ~”New Camper Family” means they have not had a … Read More

Why Day Camp Matters

By Andy Kimmelman When looking for summer activities for their children, parents today are faced with an incredible wealth of options. Many of these options describe themselves as “camp”: sports camps, arts camps, school camps (which always strikes one as somewhat … Read More

Photo Gallery

Horseback Riding & CareRoxyBijouRoxyMaxGrooming RoxyGoGoGoGoTrotting on RoxyGoGoMaxRoxyFarm Animal Care: Feeding the horses.Barn chores Farm Animals!Elsa & a friendWhich way are Bella’s ears pointed?Which way are Eore’s ears pointed?Mr. MittensHow about now?Notice the pattern?Elsa is so sweet!Help in the garden?! Stream … Read More

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