Magnolia Farm has special outing planned for our youngest riders, age 2 to 10, and their favorite adult! We are using the word “pony” as they do in Great Britain, to refer to young riders; our horses are full size, between 15 and 16 hands! 






Cost is $13 for each adult, and $13 for each child, which includes a led horse ride in the arena for the child.  Programs are designed for children 8 and under.  All guests attending must purchase a ticket and sign a waiver.  Infants under twelve months are free.

Your Visit May Include:







Barnyard fun with our goats, bunnies, sheep, pigs, donkeys and horses!

Painting a horse!

The Creativity Barn*  ~Arts and Crafts ~ Board Games ~Dramatic play: costumes, puppets and a puppet stage ~ Doll house ~Story Time: with a basket full of classic horse and farm children's picture books.

The Playing Pasture*,  with toss games, balls, volleyball, croquet,  ping pong, hula-


A "Carnival Theme*" (optional) complete with face painting.

Raised bed garden,* to explore.

*These are DIY (Do It Yourself) areas; We provide all set up, supplies and easy to follow instructions.  Parents will assist their children.

See more Pony Tales Photos Here


What to Bring:

Snacks and water.  Not Allowed:  alcohol, tobacco, fires, fireworks, sparklers, small twisties, balloons, and pets.  We provide tables, table clothes, bails of hay for the kids to sit on, and chairs.

Waiver:  Each child and adult will need to sign and turn in a separate waiver.



What to Wear:

Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, wet or ruined! Closed toe shoes are required of all guests. Please check the hourly forecast the day of your event; mornings can be cool!  Bring layers and a rain jacket depending on the weather.  It can be muddy in places after it rains; you may want to dress as if you were gardening or hiking.  We are not responsible for damaged or stolen items.  For children riding: long pants, closed toe shoes, preferably with a heal, nothing dangling, such as a cape (we have had boys dressed as superman on occasion!)  Bug spray and sun screen is advised in the warmer months.




Upcoming dates are posted on the bottom of this website.  Pony Tales occurs generally every 4 to 6 weeks.  If upcoming dates are not posted, we have not set them yet!  Please check back, or you may also want to subscribe to our Facebook calendar for notification of upcoming dates, at www.facebook/magnoliafarmmilton/

Online Reservations and payment is required. We accept Visa or MasterCard. Space is limited, and closes 24 hours before the event.  Cancelation:  There are no refunds, but you may apply your reservation (made via a credit card or coupon) to another date if you notify us 48 hours in advance via email at  If you make reservations with a coupon and do not inform us you need to reschedule at least 48 hours in advance, your coupon will be processed as used.

Rain Date

In the event of a thunderstorm or extreme weather, Pony Tales may be rescheduled for another available day and time.  Sorry, there are no refunds.

Important! Please Read Before Reserving Your Visit!

For a 12:30 to 2:30 PM Pony Tale. Please note all times are meant to be approximate!  Some days the horse rides may be during the first part of Pony Tales; other days they may be during the last hour.  We have seventeen animals and things can come up unexpectedly on a farm!

12:30 to 12:50:  Visitors arrive and sign waivers.

1:15 to 2:00: Horse Rides in the arena led on a lead rope by our staff, one or two horses at a time. Helmets are required and will be provided.

12:50 to 2:00: Visitors may visit with the farm animals, do a craft, and play in the back pasture.  Balls and hula hoops are available. 

2:15: Paint a Horse! Children hand paint one of the horses!

2:30: Visitors Depart.

Upon placing your online reservation, you will be sent an email with these items.  Please print the waiver, one per guest, sign and bring with you.

Letter to Guest and Waiver

Magnolia Farm Waiver Parties, Lessons, Programs 1.24

Farm Animal Safety Video

Welcome to Magnolia Farm!  We are so excited you are here to enjoy our farm and farm animals!   As this is a farm, not a playground or your back yard, we have rules that are unique to farms.  For the safety of your child and everyone at the party,  it is important that the Farm Rules be followed. We care very much about the safety of your children. Of course you, as parents, care even MORE about your child’s safety. Therefore, we know you will be even more vigilant than our staff in ensuring your child, other guests, and you follow our Farm Rules!

About Horses: Horses, and all of our farm animals, are animals of prey.  Therefore, they are keenly aware of small movements, especially ones that are new, on the entire property. They are even aware of the "moods,” actions, and reactions of people and other animals on the property.  A running child or sheep, a ball flying in the air, a waiving balloon, a crying baby, an argumentative adult, any sudden movement, loud noise or yell; or anything unfamiliar could make a horse think there is danger near by.  Their response to danger is “fight or flight,” which could be to kick, to make a startled jerk, to rear up, or to gallop away!  Horses weigh over 1000 pounds; so while a well trained horse will respond to commands, clearly no adult could control a horse that is spooked. Therefore a spooked horse could put the life of a child, guests or staff members at risk if they are standing near the horse or riding the horse at the time.

Many of our Farm Rules are designed to prevent horses from being spooked.  Following every farm rule is important to ensure our guests' and staffs' safety while at the farm.  All guests are required to follow the rules. Parents are to supervise their children at all times. Our staff will remind guests to follow the rules as well. The rules are to be followed on the entire property, including the Parking Pasture! Individuals who are unwilling or unable to follow the rules, or are argumentative or disrespectful to staff, will be asked to leave, without a refund

We are happy to answer questions about the rules prior to your visit. We also have included a video on Farm Animal Safety, below, for you and your children to watch before your visit.  We encourage you to research safety around horses and farm animals on the internet prior to your your arrival. During your visit, however,  we need all adults present to be on board with the rules and actively engaged in ensuring children and other guests follow the rules. 


No running on the entire property; including parents running to their car to get their camera! Besides the possibility of spooking a horse, we have large areas of gravel so that trucks may access the barn. Unlike the shavings at a playground, gravel makes it easy to fall and is painful to fall on and can cause cuts or fractures. We also have dry ditches and uneven terrain throughout the property, because we are a farm, not a playground! Adults and children need to watch where they are going and not run. Our terrain may not be suitable for all individuals.

No chasing or causing the sheep, pigs or goats to run.

No yelling or loud noise, including parents yelling for children to be quiet, because this could spook a horse.

Gates are to be kept closed immediately after passing through. Guests won't have much fun with the horses and farm animals if they have all run away:)

No feeding the animals, as they are on special diets.

No hand feeding the animals, as fingers can look like a carrot!

No climbing on fences or trees.

No throwing rocks or carrying sticks, as this too could spook a horse.  Balls may be thrown in the Playing Pasture, behind the barns; NOT in sight of the arena while the horses are being ridden.

Goat Petting Area: Parents are to accompany their child into the goat petting area.  Please turn off your cell phone, stay close to your child and pay attention!  All of our animals have teeth; and our goats have horns.  That said, the goats love to be brushed, but parents need to be watchful, especially with children age 3 and under.

Sheep and Pigs: Are very shy. If they run away, it means you are too close. Children that repeatedly make them run will need to leave the petting area.

Bunnies: Are kept in a cage inside a stall in the Creativity Barn. How to enter: Parents will need to assist young children, and make sure older children are following this procedure: Outer stall door is to be opened; two children enter. Stall door is closed and locked. The two children unlock the inside pen/enter the inside pen/lock the inside pen. The process is reversed to exit. The bunnies are NOT to be let loose in the stall!

After petting farm animals:  Parents are to be sure their child washes their hands after touching all animals and before eating.  WARNING:  Farm animals may cary germs and diseases that may be a special threat to those under age 5; the elderly, pregnant woman, and those with immune deficiencies.  Visitors to the farm animals should remove clothes and shoes and wash hands thoroughly if they will be in contact with someone in the just described category after their trip to the farm.

Restricted Areas: The Main Barn: guests are not allowed in the main barn unless accompanied by staff. The area right behind the main barn: staff only.

The port a potty is located on the creek side of the barn.

The following items are not permitted:   Alcohol, smoking or tobacco, weapons, fires, fireworks or sparklers, trick candles, balloons, kites, glass or pets.  Candles and matches are to be extinguished in a cup of water.  The shavings and hay that are throughout the guest area are highly flammable.

Proper dress attire: Closed toe shoes are to be worn by all guests.

Additional Rules not mentioned here presented by staff are to be followed.


Arena Rules:

While horses are in the arena, the area from the arena to the barn is not a playing area. Guests are not permitted in this area, except to access the port a potty.  The "waiting area" near the arena and the barn is for the current rider and their family only.  The riding order will be assigned and posted on a list, so there is no need for anyone to sit close to the arena in "line", as there is no line!  Please enjoy the many other activities on the farm until we call your child to approach the arena.  

Guests and children should be extra still and quiet near the arena as not to spook the horses, which is part of the reason only the rider and their family is allowed in this area.

Climbing on the arena gate or fence, kicking the sand in front or inside of the arena is not permitted.

Riding attire: Closed toe shoes with a heal. Long pants. Nothing dangling. Helmet (we will provide.)

Children should wait to enter the arena until instructed by staff.  Helmets are provided and required to be worn.

Parents are not permitted in the arena, except in rare cases for very young children or those with special needs. Staff shall determine which parents may enter. Staff’s decisions are final.

No picture taking or cell phone use is allowed inside the arena by guests.

Each rider will have a “photo opportunity” in which we will stop the horse close to the parent’s so a great picture may be taken.

Crying, upset children, or upset, argumentative, or angry adults are not permitted in the arena waiting area, as they may spook the horse.  Upset children, and adults! should go to the Playing Pasture behind the barn until they can compose themselves.

Please watch this video on Livestock Safety with your child before your visit. Thank you for doing your part to make everyone's visit to our farm as safe as possible by knowing and following our Farm Rules!

Warning: Under Georgia law, an equine activity sponsor or professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title 4 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.