Version 2Our Field Trips for Scout, School & Homeschool Groups offer boys and girls joy, wonder, fun, and learning through programs that incorporate our barnyard with its farm animals and horses, pastures, gardens, woods and stream.

Programs are two hours for small groups, two and a half  to three hours for large groups.  Group size: Minimum 15, Maximum 60.  Groups must be accompanied by one adult per 10 students.


Girl Scout, Boy & Cub Scout Programs

Arts and crafts: Make cute caterpillars out of the sheeps' wool!
Arts and crafts: Make cute caterpillars out of the sheeps' wool!

We offer programs to meet specific badge requirements related to archery, arts and crafts from nature, wool crafts from the sheep, farm animals, gardening, horse care and riding, stream and watershed study, and web of life.  We are happy to customize your experience; please send us a list of  the badge requirements you are interested in!






School & Homeschool Programs

IMG_5764Field Trips may focus on one subject, or combine components from literature, science, math, social studies, music and the arts for a rich SEAM experience (That's STEAM without the "Technology;"  we figure the students get enough of that elsewhere!)  We incorporate hands on, educational activities, and our programs meet grade specific Georgia Standards.



Creating Your Field Trip:

Basic Program:  Depending on your goals, the amount of  time and the number of children, you may choose several of the  following activities to create your Field Trip Experience.

Cost: $10 per student or scout; no charge for one adult per 10 students or scout.


IMG_4288Barnyard: Farm Animal Care, Habitats: What every living thing Wilbur loves new friends
needs; Domesticated vs. Wild Animal; All about eggs; Was Your Neighborhood once a Farm? (social studies, change in place over time)  Upper Grades: The Costs of Owning a Horse (math)




The Sciences: gardening

Chia ponies and pigs are fun to make, and grow grass hair.
Chia ponies and pigs are fun to make, and grow grass hair.

The Garden: Gardening, Literature in the Garden, Science in the Garden.








Sports and Outdoor games: Field gamescropped-IMG_2300-e1451454520337.jpg

Pasture: Bird Migration, Habitats, Nature Journal,  Field Sketching,  Web of Life, Field Games.






IMG_6194Stream:   Our Watershed, River of Words art and poetry contest, The Sciences: Creek explorationStream Exploration.






Arts and crafts: Painting
Arts and crafts: Painting
Perfomring Arts: puppetry
Perfomring Arts: puppetry

"Creativity Barn" with DIY (Do It Yourself) activity stalls for: ~Dramatic Play:  Puppetry, costumers ~Arts and Crafts; ~Board Games ~Story Time Basket:  With classic children's picture books about horses, farm animals and gardening.




Carnival: egg toss
Carnival: egg toss
Carnival: Face painting
Carnival: Face painting

Carnival Activities  We will provide and set up  a few simple activities loaded with FUN to make give your visit a "Carnival" Theme:  Egg Toss, Egg Relays, and Face Painting!






Additional  Field Trip Activities:

Sports and outdoor games: Archery.

Archery: $5/person






Horseback riding      Horses: Led horseback ride in the arena $10/person






IMG_7547Kayaking: $10/person (Fall or Spring; subject to correct water hight and temperatures.)






What to Bring:  Please bring a snack or lunch, water, ice, first aid kit, health history forms; sun screen and bug spray. A signed Waiver is needed for each guest.Creative Play: Doll house







What to Wear: Participants should wear clothes and shoes that it is okay to "get dirty"  and Sports and Outdoor games:Field gameswet!  Participants must wear closed toe shoes at all times, including for the creek exploration and kayaking.  You are coming to a farm, so old clothes are recommended!




Additional Programs For Educators:  Project Wet, Wild and Learning Tree Certification


Reservations or for more information, please email or text or call us at 770.337.4785



IMG_2862"No matter how intently one studies the hundred little dramas of the woods and meadows, one can never learn all the salient facts about any one of them.”  ―    Aldo Leopold