What to Bring & Wear To Camp List

Campers should wear comfortable clothes that it's okay to get dirty.  Please keep in mind this is an outdoor camp on a farm with a creek; campers should wear clothes it is okay to get dirty, wet, and possibly ruined.  We are not responsible for items that are damaged or lost.  Please label all clothes, shoes, water bottles, backpacks and other items! 

TIP:  Campers may want to bring two backpacks or a back pack and duffle bag: one to leave here for the week items noted below, the other to bring back and forth daily!


To Wear Daily:

  • Short sleeve shirt
  • Long sleeve shirt on cool mornings
  • Shorts or Long pants* Fine to wear swim trunks in place of shorts if comfortable. In that case, please also send shorts for after swimming!
  • Bathing suit under clothes, if comfortable (Saves changing time!)
  • Closed toe shoes and socks
  • Hat and sunglasses (optional)
  • Sun screen, bug spray, deodorant for older campers, applied at home
  • Campers may wear riding attire to camp on “Riding Days.”* (See Below)


To bring in a Backpack Daily:

  • A nutritious lunch and snack in an insulated lunch box. Please NO PEANUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS.
  • Reusable water bottle, filled with ice and water (two is better!)
  • Creek exploration:
    • Bathing suit or change of clothes to wear into creek (Fine to wear under clothes if comfortable)
    • Cover up shirt or swim shirt to wear on walk to creek for both boys and girls.  Boys will need to keep a swim shirt or t-shirt on in the water. Girls may substitute with bathing suit top, although a swim shirt or t-shirt is preferred.
    • Small towel
  • Light weight long sleeve shirt (Optional; nice on cool mornings)
  • A chapter book to read after lunch, if your camper is reading at this level.  (We have plenty of picture books)


To Leave in a Duffle Bag at Camp for the Week: (Or may bring back and forth daily, your choice!)

  • Sunscreen and bug spray.  (Please assist/remind your camper in applying before the start of camp in the morning.)
  • Rain jacket with hood, preferably waterproof. NO UMBRELLAS PLEASE.
  • *Riding Attire: Long pants, closed toe shoes, preferably with a heal; nothing dangling, (such as long earnings, necklace or a superman cape.) Campers may wear their riding clothes on the mornings of their scheduled riding days.  The riding schedule will be emailed several days before the start of each week. Please send riding gear daily or leave at camp in the event we need to reschedule due to thunderstorms or high wind.
  • A complete change of clothesin a plastic bag to be kept in the backpack for the week.
  • For the creek: Closed toe water shoes.  Must have an attachment around the ankle; no flip-flops.  Old sneakers work great. Completely closed water shoes seem best for keeping little pebbles out.


Also, on the first day, please send:

  • Medication: If the camper is to be given medication during camp, or has an Epi-pen or an inhaler, it must be sent the first day in the original prescription bottle with the camper’s name officially typed on it. Medication will be stored in a locked location, and given to camper as instructed during the week. Please complete the section on medication in the health history form.


Campers should NOT bring:

Electronic devices, such as cell phones, iPods, computers, electronic games; money; any valuables, including valuable jewelry; shoes or clothing; sports equipment; stuffed animals or toys; pocket knives, controlled substances.  Magnolia Farm reserves the right to remove these or other inappropriate items.   Such items will be returned to the camper's parent at the end of the day.  Magnolia Farm is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Lost & Found Basket: At carpool daily and during the Parent Open House on Friday.  All unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of camp.