Why Work at Camp?

What skills are today’s employers seeking? A recent study on entrants into the modern workforce identified certain “21st Century Skills” that deeply correlate to an individual’s success.  According to the study, the four most important skills are Professionalism, Teamwork, Oral Communication, and Ethics and Social Responsibility.  

How Does working at camp prepare staff with these skills? According to Greg Berman, a former counselor at Camp Belknap in New Hampshire, “There are few times professionalism and oral communication matter more than in a situation where you have hardly ten minutes to meet and reassure an individual that they are wise for entrusting you with their most valuable possession. Ethics and social responsibility cannot exist in a vacuum, and are a natural part of living in an environment with others. Respecting others and resolving petty conflict are a matter of social necessity in tight quarters, and they are a daily occurrence in typical cabin life. As for teamwork, it goes without saying — the entire summer itself is one large team effort. Not to mention the fact that camp athletics remain one of the last remaining bastions of sportsmanship and fair play.” Greg Berman has attended Camp Belknap in New Hampshire for fourteen years. He graduated from Brown University and is currently employed as a journalist in Rhode Island.  2012 May/June Camping Magazine.