Welcome!  We are so excited to have you on board!  We look forward to working with you to give campers a wonderful experience at Camp Magnolia!

Forms:  We do need the following Forms from you.

1.  Staff Health Information for Emergencies

2. 1099 Form.

2.  Copies of certifications valid through the last day of camp are required.  Please make a copy of your certification (s), both sides, and scan/email or bring to us no later than the first day of staff training.

  • All Staff:  First Aid and CPR/AED  mandatory.   We will offer First Aid and CPR/AED training May 28.  If you cannot attend, you will need to make arrangements to get or renew these certifications on your own.  You may  contact www.redcross.org or your university soon, as programs fill up quickly.
  • Online Training:  about 15 hours, required of all staff.  Note:  We pay for your access to the training, but not your hours to complete the training.
  • Activity Leaders are required to have certifications specific for their activities, such as Lifeguard, Riding and Archery instructor.  Additional training may be required prior to camp, dates TBD.

Please return completed forms and copies of certifications to jobs@campmagnolia.com, or bring with you to staff training.

Staff Training:  We look forward to seeing you at staff training!  Staff training will be May 29 to 31, 8 AM to 4 PM. Please see Staff: What to Wear and Bring, so you will know what to wear and bring during training and to camp!  Please remember, you will need to bring your lunch daily during training and camp; and leave your cell phones in your car or at home!

If you have any questions, please send your question and contact info to the “Chat” tab at the lower right of this page.

Thank you for choosing to work at Camp Magnolia to help create a fun and engaging camp experience for our campers!